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Gina works from her studio with the highest quality pencils and acid free archival papers and substrates. Pencils used have the highest lighfastness ratings, ensuring longevity and increasing value over time. Lock in current rates today with a 30% deposit.

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Gina Rugito Anderson, a self-taught artist, was born in 1969 in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, a small blue collar city east of Pittsburgh that grew out of the glass industry of the early 1900s. Her published and award winning commissioned portraits and paintings depict people, flora, and fauna in colored pencil, graphite, ink, and mixed media. With over 35 years of experience, she has created unique and stunning photo realistic drawings and colored pencil paintings in fine detail for performing artists and clients.

"When I create a drawing or painting for you, I capture a special moment in time and transform that moment into a unique treasure than can be cherished for years to come.”

Gina's first commissioned portraits were for friends and coworkers. Next came her second passion: musicians and concerts. She began a series of drawings that soon garnered the attention of some of her favorite bands and recording artists. Exposure at some concerts lead to more commissions, and soon, the seed was planted to bring Gina’s Drawings to life.

“As a young child, I remember sitting side by side with my mother, watching her and learning to draw with her pencils and pastels. Through her encouragement, I soon found a purpose and passion in art. During a my teens, music and drawing became forms of escape that allowed me quiet time and provided an outlet for my creative spirit. I dreamed of going to art school and pursuing an art career, but I lacked the support to realize that dream. I spent close to 20 years working in healthcare before finally taking that leap into making my long lost dream a reality. For my 40th birthday, my husband surprised me with a private gallery show and silent auction of my work. I knew then, that this was the path that I must choose.”

Gina’s detailed drawings are created predominately in graphite or colored pencil, sometimes incorporating mixed media such as pastel or ink. You become a part of the creation process in your consultation with Gina. She can recreate a photograph or bring a fantasy to life. To see the fee structure and inquire about a commission, please visit the contact page.

“My drawings today are a reflection of my life and the world as I see it. I see the small details…the wonderment and innocence of a child, the creative spark of electricity in the performing artist...the amazing world around us. Each work of art is created meticulously by me. What gives me the greatest pleasure is seeing the look of satisfaction and pride in my patron’s eyes.”

Gina currently resides in Indian Trail, North Carolina with her husband Mark, her youngest daughter, 2 kitties and one very spoiled miniature schnauzer. Half-way between the Great Smoky Mountains and the Carolina coastal region, she is inspired by the beautiful landscapes and history of the area. She also draws inspiration from artists and illustrators such as Luis Royo, Rowena, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Frank Frazetta, Alphonse Mucha, David Delamare, Johanna Pieterman, Linda Ravenscroft, Alyona Nickelsen, Drew Struzan, Richard Amsel, Ann Kullberg, Cecile Baird, and a number of Pre-Raphaelite, Art Nouveau, and contemporary colored pencil artists. A portrait by Gina draws from all of these influences and 4 decades of passion for the skill that creates a one of a kind work of art.